1. Meditation. 


  2. Why are the ones we love, not the ones we want to love?


  3. Noir Holiday


  4. Society6

    I have started a Society6 page. The images on my Society6 page are very different from anything that i have posted on my tumblr. I would love some feedback and if you like what you see please share my link.



    profile shot by Sara Cohen-Fournier


  5. I was fortunate to be able to assist the lovely Chelleby Starr (Artist/Photographer) and the enigmatic handsome Doug Drucker (Actor/Model) , who was kind enough to let me shoot his portrait once again. We shot on location while helping to renovate the talented River Clark’s (Photographer/Artist/Jack of All Trades) new hoboken studio.


  6. Studio Portrait of the talented Benjamin Starship. He just released his mix tape ‘The Land of Broken Promises’ featuring Theory, Cut Castro, Pinto, & Ak Vel. Hip Hop straight from the Bronx. Now roll up and listen to some tracks that will expand your mind. Click the photo to access the link to listen.


  7. Breezy Point